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EN Twisted Image was a zine edited by Ace Backwords (and later co-edited with Bruce N. Duncan and Mary Mayhem) between 1982 and 1994. The early issues of the zine (with a circulation between 5,000 and 10,000) explore different aspects of the punk rock youth culture that was increasingly making its way across the San Francisco Bay Area. They feature record reviews, interviews, visual arts, comics, and sarcastic critiques of the political discourses of the time. In 1987, Ace changed the format of the zine from a tabloid to a monthly xeroxed newsletter mostly focused on comics that he continued publishing until 1994 (with a circulation of 500 copies).




EN Tabloid (11 by 17)
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EN 8


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EN Berkeley, CA


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Table Of Contents

EN Charley Bukowski “The World’s Greatest Fucker” (interview) (2)
Odditorial (4)
“On Turning Thirty,” Our Readers Respond (4)
Mary Mayhem’s Prison Diary (5)
An Interview with Bob Guccione Jr. (6)
Burning You Strait from Hell (A Review of Tom Brinkmann’s Last Known Publication) (6)
Pigshit *by Gary Pig Gold* (6)
Record Reviews (7)
Berzerkeley Comix (9)

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