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Berkeley Sucks #2


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EN Berkeley Sucks #2


EN Jesse Luscious


EN Activism
EN About Art, Media, and Technology
EN Anarchism
EN DIY and How-to
EN Music
EN Personal


EN Berkeley Sucks was a zine started in 1989 in Berkeley, CA. It mainly focused on the East Bay Punk scene that revolved around the Gilman Street Project. The most active editors were Jesse Townley (also known as Jesse Luscious and formerly of Philly Zine) and Ken Wisconsin. Crude art, music reviews and commentary was what made up the content of the four issues of this zine. Jesse Luscious was also a singer with the band Blatz that also featured fellow zinester Robert Eggplant, publisher of Absolutely Zippo, on guitar, poet Anna Joy Springer, Anna Lalania, and Marshall Stax.


EN Jesse Luscious


EN Jesse A
EN Michelle Hell
EN John Zerzan
EN Aaron Anurky
EN Jesse Malicious
EN Art Dammit


EN 1989


EN Half Standard (4 1/4 by 11)
EN Saddle Stitched

Number of Pages

EN 22


EN English

See Also

EN Blatz
EN The Criminals
EN The Gr'ups

Place of Publication

EN Berkeley, CA


EN In Copyright - Educational Use Permitted

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