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EN Tales from the Rat House #2


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EN Tales from the Rat House was a publication written for punks with a bent towards left wing politics and humor. The principle editors were Joe Britz, Larry Livermore, and David Hayes who were housemates in the so called “Rat House" in San Francisco. There was close affiliations with the band M.D.C. who once played on the Rat House roof to protest the motorcade of the Pope. Both Larry and David would work closely together on Maximum Rocknroll, the Gilman Street Project, and co-founded Lookout! Records.




EN Standard (8 1/2 by 11)
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EN 11


EN English

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EN San Francisco, CA


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Table Of Contents

EN Ask Toots (2)
Odor in the Courts *By Wendy* (3)
Anybody Can Be President *By Joe* (4)
Out Shopping *By Kevin* (5)
Isn’t It Time We Created a Real Alternative? *By Mike Row and Mitzi Waltz* (7)
Visual Scene Report *Photos by Murray Bowles* (9)
Records und Tapes *By Joe and David* (10)
Tales of Livermore *By Lawrence* (11)