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EN Lookout magazine started as a xeroxed community newsletter when Lawrence Livermore lived on Spy Rock, just a few miles north of Layonville, CA. Spy Rock was part of a constellation of locales across Mendocino and Humbdolt County that, since the late 1960s, had become increasingly popular among artists, hippies, and back-to-the-landers. Initially crafted in his solar-powered home, not far from the Iron Peak Lookout Tower, from which the magazine takes its name, the magazine engaged with local politics and tackled issues as diverse as environmental issues and countercultural philosophy. Over the years, following Livermore’s involvement with the Gilman Street Project in Berkeley and the punk-rock scene that loomed around it, Lookout’s focus shifted to music, which resulted in finding a whole new audience in the Bay Area and across the United States, especially among Maximum Rocknroll readers.




EN Standard (8 1/2 by 11)
EN Saddle Stitched

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EN 64


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EN Berkeley, CA


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Table Of Contents

EN Where I’m Coming From (2)
Life and Death in America (3)
The Emerald Triangle (7)
— The Last Salmon Roundup
— Return to the Emerald Triangle
— Paula Mulligan, Laytonville Kids Show How It’s Done
— Stenberg, What Are You Doing?
— Big City Hack Comes To Small Town Country Weekly
— Small Minded County Hicks Hack At Big Time Country Weekly
— Welcome To Wackoland: L. Ron Cult Sets Down In Petrolia
— As Bill And Ted Would Say, It Was Most Pulpous
— Hey Coachie, Here's Your Hat, Now Stuff It In Your Mouth
— "Higher" Education?
— Eureka/ Arcata: Still Waiting For KMUD?
— KHSU, KZYX Take Note: Here's How To Do The News
— OK, Good News About KZYX
— Oh To Be In Willits Now That Asphalt Time Is Here
— It Was Nice While It Lasted
— Good News For North Humboldt: Air Pollution Only Imaginary
We Can't TakeThe Train *by Mark Scaramella* (15)
We've Got To Take The Train (15)
Throw the Bums Out? (18)
England Dreaming (19)
— Disaster At The Polls: Tories In For Another Term (19)
— The Unkindest Cut From Mideast Terrorists: They Wouldn't Keep Terry
— The Privatisation Bazaar
— Living With Unemployment
— Environmental Destruction? It's All Your Fault
— Keeping Our Priorities Straight
— God Save The Queen? Well, What Has She Done For Us Lately?
— The Efficiency Of The Marketplace
London Calling (24)
New Moon and Diamonds (25)
Notes From All Over (28)
Twisted Image *by Ace Backwords* (29)
U.C. Bits (31)
Berkeley Beat (33)
— Take the Bus? What Bus?
— More Freeways? No Way to Go
— Why Can't They Sell Apples or Shine Shoes or Something
— Autos Of The Upscale Radlibs, Part II
— UC's Bad NeighborPolicy
— Keep Vista College In Berkeley
— Gentrification,North Oakland Punk Style
Japan Bashing: Good Politics, Terrible Economics, Even Worse Foreign Policy (38)
Through The Friedman Looking Glass: Turning Institutional Brutality Into Economic "Science”(39)
Church and State (41)
Last Train To Brixton (42)
The Luck of the Irish (43)
San Francisco Beat (44)
— Hinckle Gets His Way: Frisco Back in the Hands of the Good Old Boys
— Bye-Bye Bobby: Good Riddance To Lurie's Losers
— Boys With Their Tinkertoys: He Calls It Architecture
— Hey Buddy, If You Can't See This Is Art, You're Probably Too Stupid To Be Looking At It Anyway
— What's Your Hurry? If You Had Any Place Important To Go, You'd Have Your Own Car And Driver
— Let's Tear Down The Bay Bridge
Once Upon a Time in The Mountains, Part III (51)
Letters to the Lookout (54)
Baboon Dooley Spends Another Fruitless Hour of Therapy with Dr. B. L. Zebub, Headshrinker-Bud Drinker! (58)
Music Can Make You Stupid (59)

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