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EN Lookout magazine started as a xeroxed community newsletter when Lawrence Livermore lived on Spy Rock, just a few miles north of Layonville, CA. Spy Rock was part of a constellation of locales across Mendocino and Humbdolt County that, since the late 1960s, had become increasingly popular among artists, hippies, and back-to-the-landers. Initially crafted in his solar-powered home, not far from the Iron Peak Lookout Tower, from which the magazine takes its name, the magazine engaged with local politics and tackled issues as diverse as environmental issues and countercultural philosophy. Over the years, following Livermore’s involvement with the Gilman Street Project in Berkeley and the punk-rock scene that loomed around it, Lookout’s focus shifted to music, which resulted in finding a whole new audience in the Bay Area and across the United States, especially among Maximum Rocknroll readers.




EN Standard (8 1/2 by 11)
EN Saddle Stitched

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EN 32


EN English

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EN Laytonville, CA


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Table Of Contents

EN CIA Drug Wars; the Adventure Continues… Vietnam Was So Much Fun, Let’s Do It Al Over Again (2)
Bill Bailey Vs. The Lorax the Once-ler of Laytonville (3)
The Death (or Was It Murder?) of Detroit My Home Town Isn't There Anymore (4)
Pablo Picasso and the Uglification of Modern Art (5)
Berlin: One Wall Down; America: Still Lots More to Go (7)
El Salvador: the Light at the End
Of the Tunnel Was an FMLN Train (8)
Random Rantings... (9)
Stroh's Gobbled Up by Neo-fascist Chemical Company // the Sad Demise of One of America's Last Decent Beers (10)
San Francisco Beat (11)
Around the Emerald Triangle (12)
— Satanic Alert!!! The Evil One Comes to Ukiah (and Blends Right Into the Population)
— And He’s Got Himself a Job at the Radio Station Too..
— Citizens Finally Doing Something About Garbage; Supes Still Fiddling
— Look Out, Here Come the Golf Geeks;
— L-P to Mendocino, Sonoma: Shut Up and Drink Your Chemicals
— Our Trees? They Went Thataway
— Laytonville Computer Disservices
Professor Livermore’s Esconomic Made Simple; Money: the Scam What Am (14)
Souvenir Shopping (17)
More Around the Emerald Triangle (Page)
— Voters Nix Sales Tax Boost
— On the Air: KZYX in Philo
— No Compromise in Defense of the Mother Earth..
Letters to the Lookout (20)
Music Can Make You Stupid (22)
(Kind of a) Scene Report (Drink Lots of Coffee Before Reading) *by Aaron Cometbus* (25)
Reviews *by Chris Appelgren, Asa Heath, LK* (27)
— Records: the Blazers; Raining Violets; Storemage; the Crowd; Foolish American Quartet; Shamrock Shakes; Sons of Ishmael; Whoppers Taste Good; Sink; Wrecking Crew; No for an Answer; Billy Attwell; Common Ailments; Lard; 8th Route Army; Alien Sex Fiend; SDT; Mass Tango; Screed; Swinging Erudites; the C*nts; the Creamers; Kings of Wyoming; Stripminers; Klause Flouride; Exodus; Squandered Message; Gang Green
The Lookout Records Update (31)

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