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EN Lookout #25


EN Lawrence Livermore


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EN Anarchism
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EN Lookout magazine started as a xeroxed community newsletter when Lawrence Livermore lived on Spy Rock, just a few miles north of Layonville, CA. Spy Rock was part of a constellation of locales across Mendocino and Humbdolt County that, since the late 1960s, had become increasingly popular among artists, hippies, and back-to-the-landers. Initially crafted in his solar-powered home, not far from the Iron Peak Lookout Tower, from which the magazine takes its name, the magazine engaged with local politics and tackled issues as diverse as environmental issues and countercultural philosophy. Over the years, following Livermore’s involvement with the Gilman Street Project in Berkeley and the punk-rock scene that loomed around it, Lookout’s focus shifted to music, which resulted in finding a whole new audience in the Bay Area and across the United States, especially among Maximum Rocknroll readers.


EN Lawrence Livermore


EN Doctor Frank
EN Baby Lee
EN Ed Anger
EN Kris Ugrin


EN 1987-03


EN Standard (8 1/2 by 11)
EN Stapled

Number of Pages

EN 12


EN English

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Place of Publication

EN Laytonville, CA


EN In Copyright - Educational Use Permitted

Table Of Contents

EN The Real “Amerika” (1)
Arbeit Macht Frei… (2)
A Letter To My Readers (2)
Lawrence (Just Call Me Herb) Livermore’s Generic Three-Dot Political Column (3)
News From Around the Country (3)
The Kris Ugrin Saga Continues (4)
Is the Soviet Union Americanizing? *By Kris Ugrin* (4)
Letters to the Lookout (5)
Lawrence Goes to College, But Doesn’t Learn Much / Hello Darkness My Old Friend… (7)
Lyrics by the Lookouts! (9)
Music Can Make You Stupid (10)
— Records *By LL, Doctor Frank, and Baby Lee*: Vomit Launch; Crocodile Dundee (Movie); The Hates; Tales from the Rathouse (Zine); Bulimia Banquet, Bad Kitchen, Jane’s Addiction at USC; Emma Presenteert Comp; Beastie Boys; Bruce Springsteen
Let’s Go Slow on Giving Commies Our Fast Food *By Ed Anger* (12)

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